Venomous Snake Biodiversity


Phylogeny illustrating target clades for our biodiversity project. Red clades have described toxins or records of human envenomation. Colored boxes indicate occurrence in the U.S. (blue), Mexico (red), Costa Rica (green), and Brazil (orange). Bold taxa will be sampled, and taxa with an asterisk (*) indicate outgroups for comparative analyses. Numbers in parenthesis (S/C) describe the numbers of species within each clade (S) and the number of species with a high probability of collection (C) based on museum records and personal experience. Animal silhouettes indicate documented prey in each clade (amphibians, squamates, birds, arthropods, small mammals, fishes, and soft-body invertebrates). Histograms are preliminary transcriptomic data for toxin-gene families (colored dots), measured as percentage of reads mapped. A pdf version of this figure can be found here.