March 2020: Rokyta Lab attends the North American Society of Toxinology (NAST 2020) Conference

In early March of this year, members of the Rokyta lab attended the North American Society of Toxinology conference (also known as Venom Week) in Gainesville, Florida. The NAST is a multidisciplinary organization that brings together basic scientists, medical clinicians, veterinarians, animal scientists, antivenom researchers, and many others to promote the advancement of all things venomous. We had a great showing this year as 10 members of the lab presented their work as either platform talks (Dr. Timothy Colston, Schyler Ellsworth, Mike Hogan, Gunnar Nystrom, and Micaiah Ward) or posters (Kylie Lawrence, Lucy Fry, Laura Koffinas, Rachel Saul, and Emily Weedon). Schyler won the best scientific talk for his presentation “Toxin Diversity and Molecular Evolution of Scolopendra Venom,” and Micaiah was a student talk award winner for her talk “Identifying Toxin-Targets Through Experimental Evolution and Genome-Wide Association Studies”. Great job Schyler, Micaiah, and the Rokyta lab!


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